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Data Analyst working on laptop
Hi! I’m Renee.

I make sense of all the data from all the systems.

I make it manageable, so you can use real numbers to grow, scale & maybe even keep your sanity in check!


And now for the good news. I simplify your business problems into KPIs that you and your team can track. All so you can run a data-driven operation without crunching all the numbers without any real strategy.

For a couple of decades, I’ve helped Fortune companies use their data as a strategic advantage. Now I’m focused on helping small businesses turn their in-house data into their own competitive advantage.

Your data has power when you’re able to USE it. If it’s sitting in all of the platforms you use, it isn’t serving your business. It also isn’t serving you if you aren’t able to strategically measure & track what matters to your customer base.

This is what has led me to starting Data Driven Operation. I want to empower businesses that are ready to level-up by measuring what matters so you can compete & succeed!


Renee photo and platform experience logos

Through the years I’ve taken the problems executives bring to me & found solutions using the tech stack they’re using.

I use a host of analytics tools, my experience & my MS in Data Analytics to work my magic on whatever the operation’s platforms.

Industry Experience

Customer Experience

Supply Chain




People Analytics



About Renee

(Gotta mix in some fun!)

  • Coffee is a way of life. I’m not a coffee snob, though.
  • Lately I’ve become obsessed with Peloton App workouts.
  • Board games make for the best family nights. Catan anyone?
  • My dog, Yoshi, thinks he is a people. I’m not sure he’s wrong.
  • I seriously love when I deliver results where you can almost see the lightbulb

Ready to start dreaming of what your business could look like if you were tracking all the right things?