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Run a data-driven operation

Helping business leaders turn their data into actionable assets so they can run a data-driven operation with confidence.

You’ve got data swirling around in so many systems that you struggle to keep up with it all. Much less track it regularly! The good news is that with the right structure, we can make it automated and simple.

We make sense of your data without overwhelm!

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Dashboards and Insights

Reports (aka Dashboards)

With a measurement plan in place, you’ll have the right information when you need it.

Tableau • Power BI • Excel • Google Sheets


Ready to start making data-driven decisions
… instead of chasing today’s fires

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Renee McKinney

Data Analyst

Hello, I’m Renee

As a Data Analyst, I help organizations make sense of their data. But more than that – I turn your in-house data into something you can use.

Your data has power only when we take it beyond rows of information. That’s where I come in.

Working with organizations from operations to high-level executives at Fortune 10 companies, I know how to use data to support decisions and give insight into areas of the business that feel like a ‘black box’.

Let’s get rid of the guesswork & have you running a profitable, data-driven operation